Grid Dynamics


Country: USA, Ukraine, Russia

Grid Dynamics is a leading provider of open, scalable, next-generation commerce technology solutions for Tier 1 retail. Retail success is increasingly technology based.

Grid Dynamics delivers competitive advantage through Omnichannel Integration by removing the silos between brick and mortar and the online experience as well as expertise in commercial and customer solutions across all form factors. Customer-centricity via Search and Personalization with customer search solutions that are tailored for eCommerce and personalization services to enhance the customer relationship. Agility through Continuous Delivery allowing retailers to scale development while improving product quality and increasing reliability.

Grid Dynamics has in-depth expertise in commerce technologies and wide involvement in the open source community. They are putting this technical know-how to work helping clients provide the best customer experience. Some of their customers include eBay, Yahoo, Raley’s, Kohl’s, Macys, x.commerce, and PayPal. Grid Dynamics offices based in Ukraine, Russia and USA.