On October 13, TECH GEM SF 2015 is going back to sunny San Francisco to rock the tech stage with the most prominent startups and tech companies from Central & Eastern Europe. The conference is a vibrant international event which turns the world into a borderless place for one day and becomes the meeting point for like-minded professionals from all around the world.

On 13 October 2015, Hyatt Regency San Francisco will open its doors to a vigorous crew of European go-ahead entrepreneurs, inspiring speakers, and tech professionals who already proved they can build everything from nothing. Leveraging their enthusiasm, experienced speakers from 500 Startups, Sequoia Capital, AngelList and others, will share their knowledge and insights on how to make even the wildest ideas work.

As a lot of life-changing disruptive solutions are born on the intersection of tech and other industries, TECH GEM 2015 will not be limited to purely tech talks. All in all, more than 75 top experts from diverse industries such as technology, engineering, media and design will contribute their vision of how to make things happen. TECH GEM 2015 will host more than 550 participants representing the public sector, companies, corporations, funds, startups, nonprofits from US/Ukrainian/CEE and Central Asia.

TECH GEM SF 2015 is a challenging opportunity for aspiring tech professionals to present ideas, showcase their companies and boast achievements. The conference allows young professionals to build meaningful relations with potential investors and advisors from Europe and the US, as well as gain media exposure and reach out to prospective customers. As usual, TECH GEM SF 2015 will focus on networking, business and presentation of new products.

TECH GEM SF 2015 is an annual conference which takes place in SF for the second time. The first TECH GEM was held in September last year. U.T. GEM 2014 presented Ukrainian tech companies, innovative products, startups, as well as a portfolio of successful cases to the US audience for the very first time gaining worldwide recognition.